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Latest Wool Trading News - June 2019

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China lifts South Africa wool ban

CHINA has announced that its ban on importation of wool and sheep skins from South Africa due to a Foot and Mouth Disease outbreak is over. South African wool industry body Cape Wools SA has said the Chinese Customs declaration on May 8 states the ban has been deactivated under the terms of World Organisation for Animal Health regulations (OiE) for safe trade. China suspended imports of all cloven hoofed animals and ...

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Wool market report – AWI Commentary 24 May 2019

Prices continued to fall at this week’s Australian wool auctions but signs of a slowing to the slide were witnessed by the close of selling. Global economic confidence has filtered through to the wool textile industry with the China – US tariff dispute and gloomy retail conditions in mainland China and Europe cited as the major contributing factors. The ongoing impacts associated with the lifting of the South African...

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NZ Wool Market Report – 23 May 2019

Bales on offer 11,601, bales sold 8358 (74% sold). Compared to the last sale on 16 May fine crossbred early shorn 32-36 micron, good style 2-4% cheaper, average style 2-4% cheaper, poor style 3-4% cheaper. Crossbred fleece average 5% cheaper, poor 3-5% cheaper. Coarse crossbred early shorn and second shear 37-39 micron good colour 4-6% cheaper, average 4-6% cheaper, poor 5-6% cheaper. Crossbred oddments for clothing ...

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Australian Woolmark Company examines the value in being green

Australian Woolmark Company April market report examines the value of being green and how the wool industry fits within the global movement of consumers’ apparent movement towards buying products with greater green credentials. With many in the wool supply chain now focussed on issues such as traceability, sustainability, welfare and regenerative farming, many producers are in turn asking, “Given I produce the primar...

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British Wool – Sale Report (21 May 2019)

BW74 saw good competition for all the major types. Clearances for Fine, Medium, Cross and Hill types were close to 100%. Mountain types had a clearance of 87% and Lamb wool had a clearance of 84%. Overall 1.411 million kg of the 1.487 million kg offered sold, a clearance of 94.9%. The British Wool index was up 3.1% sale on sale at £1.568 clean. Total weight offered 1.487m kg Total weight sold 1.411m kg. Average clean...

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Mohair Market Report 21 may 2019 ( 201906)

The sixth sale of the 2019 summer season took place in Port Elizabeth today, 21 May 2019, with 110 231 kg on offer, with 99% of the offering sold. The market held fairly steady on today’s sale, with the average market indicator which increased by 1% to close on R290.31 p/kg.   There was some excellent individual clips on offer, with buyers competing actively for the better kids, resulting in the indicator for kids ga...

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Australia’s wool clip forecast down

Australia’s wool clip is forecast to be down to the lowest level in almost 100 years, mainly due to the drought. ABC Rural reports on the latest from The Australian Wool Production Forecasting Committee that has forecast the clip to be down by 12.7 per cent on last year — a drop of 43 million kilograms, and the lowest yield since 1924 when the Australian wool industry was much smaller. As drought grips many of Austra...

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Australian Growers urged to complete declarations

A push is on to get Western Australia woolgrowers to complete the national wool declaration (NWD) as buyers struggle to source sufficient wool to satisfy particular clients. Schneider Group, New England Wools and Modiano Australia are the main buyers urging woolgrowers to complete the NWD, particularly the mulesing status box which many farmers still ignore. Western Wool Centre (WWC) buyers – Phil Roberts for Schneid...

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US and China Tariffs Impact on the Global Textile

It is difficult to know who will be winners and who will be losers when it comes to tariffs on textiles. On one hand consumers in the US that rely on cheap imports of textile products from China will have to pay more. On the other hand the US is the biggest market for Chinese textile products and any reduction in this market will have a huge impact on the health of this industry in China.   It should be pointed out t...

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Garment and textile export up by 9.8% in Vietnam in 4 months

Vietnam gained over 9.4 billion U.S. dollars from exporting garments and textiles in the first four months of this year, up 9.8 percent year-on-year, according to the country’s Ministry of Industry and Trade on Wednesday. In April alone, the country raked in 2.3 billion U.S. dollars from selling the products offshore, rising 7.1 percent. Between January and April, largest importers of Vietnamese garments and textiles...

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Japan economy beats expectations

Japan’s economy unexpectedly grew in the three months to March, shrugging off forecasts for a contraction in the world’s third largest economy. The economy grew at an annualised 2.1% in the period, preliminary gross domestic product (GDP) data showed. That beat analyst expectations for a 0.2% contraction, as imports fell faster than exports. The data were closely watched for any signals a planned sales tax rise could...

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Key Test Data Summary for April 2019

The monthly comparisons of Total Lots, Bales and Weight for April 2019 compared with the same period last season are: – 6.9%, -10.6% and -10.4% respectively. The progressive comparison of Total Lots, Bales and Weight for July 2018 to April 2019 compared with the same period last season are: – 5.4%, -10.3% and -10.3% respectively. AWTA Ltd has tested 277.5.0 mkg (million kilograms) this season compared with 309.4 mkg ...

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Wool Week Australia – May 20 to 26

  The Woolmark Company’s Wool Week Australia 2019 will be brought to life by David Jones stores and at, and spearheaded by a campaign with David Jones ambassador Jessica Gomes. The campaign was shot at the iconic Nundle Woollen Mill in NSW – one of the first wool-producing areas in Australia and one of the last mills in the country, with much of its machinery sourced from historic mills and lovingly re...

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Ban or restriction on chemicals for textiles

France and Sweden have submitted a proposal to Echa to ban or restrict over 1,000 skin sensitisers in textiles, leather, furs and skins sold to consumers. Both countries propose ban on over 1,000 allergens in textiles. The joint initiative includes all substances classified as skin sensitisers under the CLP Regulation and 25 substances of the family of disperse dyes with sensitising properties. Ahead of the proposal,...

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