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Latest Wool Trading News - July 2018

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AWI Market Intelligence report analyses Australian record wool prices

Australian wool prices have hit $20/kg and AWI Market Intelligence report stated that this is a significant marker for the wool industry, The May issue says that this is a reflection of true demand in an open market. However, this did not happen overnight, to reach $20/kg the EMI has risen over $7/kg in two years.   One key driver in this market is the insatiable demand coming out of China that currently purchase 80%...

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ASOS move hyporcritical

‘ASOS will ban Mohair, Silk, Cashmere and Feathers from its range from 2019’, this is the headline for an article we picked up on Concrete Playground. The article reads – “Asos firmly believes it is not acceptable for animals to suffer in the name of fashion or cosmetics.   If ASOS management took the time to talk to the farmers that grow natural fibres and see first- hand how they care for their animals they would r...

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Social Media facing a brand backlash

Consumer goods giant Unilever, one of the biggest advertisers in the world, has taken a stand against “influencer marketers” who exaggerate their social media clout to earn more money promoting products. Is this the start of a brand backlash? Probably not, but to all those looking at investing in self promotion using online media, you should be aware that more often than not the information is skewed or untrue. Unile...

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Paying respect to Renata Apatu – sadly missed

It is with great sadness that we inform you that Renata Apatu died in a helicopter accident this month.  Renata  was a well known New Zealand wool grower, the chairman of the New Zealand Campaign for Wool Trust, and represented New Zealand on a world stage. He represented NZ wool growers at IWTO Congress in Hong Kong in May and attended a wool forum in Scotland last year where he met Campaign for Wool patron, HRH The...

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The Nanjing Wool Market Conference – 11 to 13th September 2018

The 2018 Nanjing Wool Market Conference will be held in Nanjing Jiangsu Province, China. The NWM Conference, held in September each year, is an excellent opportunity for all international delegates to meet with China’s biggest wool buyers and processors, all in one place. It also offers exhibition space for companies wishing to exhibit their products and is open to delegates from all around the world. Nanjing Wool Ma...

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Australian Wool sale (28 June) – AWI Commentary

The last selling week of this season has just past. Whilst a bit of a soft finish occurred, it hardly takes the gloss off what has been a stellar 2017/18 Australian wool auction year. The subdued interest from the trade continued into this week selling and a mellow AUD forex movement against the USD allowed the buyers to try and let the market drift backward. In reality this was rather ineffective as by the close of ...

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NZ Wool Market Report 28 June 2018

South Island Sale. For the last sale of the season the market finished largely unchanged for most wool types compared to the previous Christchurch sale held last week. Some of the less stylish wools saw the market move against them but those better prepared and better coloured wools held their ground. A limited offering of finer wools still continues to see strong competition from a full gallery of buyers. Compared t...

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Mohair Sale Market Report

The final sale of the 2018 summer season was held in Port Elizabeth on 27 June, with a large offering of 123 358 kg. The buyers competed to secure mohair for the off season period due to fear of lower production volumes as a result of the ongoing drought. With the good competition between the buyers, very good quality individual clips and the weaker SA currency, the market gained 4% from the previous sale to close on...

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The Woolmark Company celebrates five decades of Australian wool trade to China

In 2018, the Australian wool industry is celebrating more than 50 years of successful wool trade to China – a relationship that has established China as Australia’s largest customer, buying about 80% of Australia’s wool. Today, Australia exports 271 million kilograms of the natural, renewable and biodegradable fibre to China, a sharp rise from pre-1980 when this figure stood at less than 10 million kilograms. Once pr...

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U.S and China – who will blink first

The U.S. and China’s high-stakes game of economic chicken reaches a critical juncture in the next two weeks, as the world’s largest trading partners approach deadlines on tariffs and other barriers that may determine who blinks first. The Treasury Department is due to announce restrictions on Chinese investment in the U.S. as well as enhanced export controls, as part of the Trump administration’s actions taken under ...

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Mohair sales prices in Australia exceed wool

Mohair produced by Angora goats hits a new Australian sale record, now worth more than wool Mohair producers across Australia are relishing a worldwide shortage of the fibre, which has helped to drive up their prices. A new Australian record for the sale average, $24.52 a kilogram, was set at the Australian Mohair Marketing Organisation’s (AMMO’s) auction. This eclipsed the previous record set in 2015 by almost $4. I...

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Country Road sees a strong focus on traceability

Country Road launched its Australian Traceable Merino Collection, which includes 29,000 units of traceable wool across its men and women’s ranges. The wool used in this collection can be traced back to just 25 farms in Australia. This initiative follows consumer demand to know where the fibre of their clothing comes from. To bridge the gap between the producer and the consumer Country Road visited Rodger Kelly and hi...

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British Wool – supporting retailers with new display ideas

British Wool’s Head of Marketing Graham Clark says ‘at British Wool we understand how hard brands have to work to grab consumers’ attention in competitive retail environments. That’s why we’re supporting manufacturers and retailers with a striking new range of merchandising and displays designed to clearly communicate the benefits of buying British wool. ‘We’ve recently developed a new marketing strategy at British W...

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Italy to host ITMA 2023

The European Committee of Textile Machinery Manufacturers announced that ITMA will return to Milan, Italy, for its 19th edition. ITMA 2023 will be held at the Fiera Milano Rho exhibition centre from 8 to 14June 2023.   The decision to host ITMA 2023 in Milan was taken at the CEMATEX General Assembly held recently.  Mr Fritz P Mayer, President of CEMATEX, explained: “We received very positive feedback from ITMA 2015 e...

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