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Latest Wool Trading News - June 2018

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Flystrike vaccine work shows promise

Sheep farmers across Australia have been trapping blowflies and posting them to Melbourne to help scientists create a vaccine to protect sheep against flystrike. Blowflies laying eggs and subsequent maggot growth in sheep costs Australian wool growers $280 million each year in lost productivity and time. It can cause a slow and painful death if not treated and is regarded by the country’s peak woolgrower organisation...

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Australian wool at record high

A combination of high demand from Chinese mills and flat supplies of wool at auction has seen prices rise 10 per cent since Easter and roughly double over the past 5 years. Another frantic week of bidding drove the key market benchmark, the Eastern Market Indicator (EMI) up again to just 9 cents short of the $20 level. Records have been broken virtually on a daily basis and most grades of wool have never been more ex...

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Global and domestic state of the wool industry

In its monthly report AWI has examined the global and domestic state of the wool industry in light of the recent World Merino Congress in Montevideo, Uruguay, coupled with record prices at Australian wool sales and a recent Australian wool production forecast, and takes stock of supply, demand and what may lie ahead. More than 400 delegates from Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, Uruguay, Argentina, Lesotho, Russi...

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Topmaking Plant in China – For Sale

Hongze Fidelity Textile Co., Ltd. is a top manufacturer in China that is offering its topmaking facility for sale. The factory is located in the provincial-level development zone in Hongze County, Huai’an City, Jiangsu Province, covering an area of 61,000 square meters, of which plant is 23,000 square meters. The factory owns a set of Temafa automatic and hair devices, 5 sets of imported combing equipment (3 Thibeau ...

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  洪泽富达纺织有限公司是一家专业的毛条生产企业。工厂位于江苏省淮安市洪泽县省级开发区,占地6.1万平方米,其中厂房2.3万平方米。工厂拥有1套Temafa全自动和毛装置、5套进口梳毛设备(3台Thibeau梳毛机、2台Octir梳毛机和5台NSC GC15针梳机)、27台精梳机(14台NSC PB32精梳机和13台Sant’Andrea P90精梳机)及自动空心成球机等进口生产设备;同时配有1条国产洗毛生产线及相应排污指标;年产毛条3500吨。工厂另有2016年批准的1万吨羊毛碳化项目政府批文(目前有效)。工厂现有意对外整体转让。所有设备均为活车,现有管理团队和操作工人。   联系人:Heinrich Zhang +86-512-58416016 ...

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AWI Commentary – Australia Wool Market Report (25 May 2018)

Another sensational and historic week at Australian wool auctions. Prices for all wool types and descriptions finer than 28-micron leapt forward once more as buyer’s purchasing intensity lifted despite some nervousness within the trade as to the potential regarding how high the market may go. The AWEX (Australian Wool Exchange) EMI (Eastern Market Indicator) gained 2% or 40ac clean/kg to close the week at 1983ac/clea...

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NZ Wool market Report 23 May 2018

The market has continued to correct itself upwards with most types and styles showing further improvement compared to the previous Christchurch sale held 10 May. Bales on offer – 9561, bales sold  8737  (91%). Lambs’ wool continues to shine and saw the biggest movement upwards as buyers seek to fill orders. New season’s 2nd shears also received spirited bidding which pushed this end of the market out further. Compare...

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South Africa Wool Market 5,6%HIGHER

Port Elizabeth (23 May) – The wool market traded higher and the Cape Wools Merino Indicator increased by 5,6% and by 1066 points to close at a value of R201,36 (Clean). The Australian EMI increased by 4,8% this week. The Cape Wools All Wool Indicator increased by 5,6%. The wool market is trading at record levels driven by a seemingly insatiable demand for wool and in particular for quality long and fine wool. Produce...

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Mohair Market Report 22 May 2018

The second to last sale of the 2018 summer season took place in Port Elizabeth today (22 May 2018), with 125 974 kg’s on offer, with nearly 100% of the offering sold. The market held steady on this sale, with the average market indicator closing unchanged from the previous sale, on R280.57 p/kg.   There were some excellent individual clips on offer, with buyers competing actively for the better kids, resulting in the...

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Ecological credentials of Merino wool highlighted in documentary

A new mini-documentary by sustainability ambassador Livia Firth, Founder and Creative Director of Eco-Age, highlights a selection of Australian wool growing properties, examining the ecological credentials of Merino wool. Over the past decade, Livia Firth has become well known for championing sustainable production and for telling the ecological and human stories behind the clothes we wear. She has followed the fashi...

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IWTO 2018 wrapped up in Hong Kong

The 2018 87th IWTO Congress was held in Hong Kong earlier this month. Wool for Future Markets was the theme under which the Congress more than 250 delegates from all wool producing and processing countries came together. Specialty meetings and working groups on Product Wellness, Wool Trade Biosecurity, Sustainable Practices, Contracts and Specifications, and Licensing were a precursor to the opening Happy Hour sponso...

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The Woolmark Company’s Wool Week Australia

Australia’s wool industry will once again be in the spotlight as woolgrowers, fashion designers, retailers and consumers unite to celebrate The Woolmark Company’s Wool Week Australia. An initiative that arose from the global Campaign for Wool, Wool Week champions the eco-credentials of the fibre, making it the perfect choice for today’s conscious consumer. Natural and biodegradable, wool provides the global apparel i...

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Alpaca industry seeks to double Australian herd numbers

A transformation is underway within Australia’s alpaca industry as it attempts to double the size of the nation’s herd within the next few years. These animals, are farmed for their genetics, meat, and fine fleece. Once the domain of hobby farmers, the industry has become fully sustainable and has never been stronger, according to Australian Alpaca Association president Ian Frith. “It’s really on an upward curve [and...

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Sportscraft’s winter campaign celebrates 54 years with Woolmark

Australia’s longest-serving Woolmark licensee, Sportscraft has produced a stunning winter campaign centred around Australian Merino wool and the origins of the natural fibre. With its winter collection, the iconic Australian fashion brand is highlighting the process and quality of Australian wool as well as Sportscraft’s 54-year relationship with the Woolmark brand. The winter campaign plays to the raw, textural qual...

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ERMENEGILDO ZEGNA Releases Rules for 2019 Wool Awards

Since 1963, the Ermenegildo Zegna Superfine Wool Trophy has honored Australia’s best wool growers. This competition is today the oldest in the world of wool.  The Vellus Aureum (Golden Fleece) Trophy was added in 2002 to celebrate the incredible advances made by Australian woolgrowers and to reward the absolute finest wool fleece produced every year.   In 2016, the finest and best fleece was recorded at an exceptiona...

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