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Hungarian wool industry looks for investment

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Hungarian wool is exported to many countries including Europe, Japan, India, Turkey, Egypt, and the largest volume to China.

Although prices are low for Hungarian wool János Vass at Hungarowool, one of the largest exporters of Hungarian wool, believes Hungary is a good place to invest. ‘Hungary is a stable country with a good reliable labour force. We welcome business investors.’ Hungarowool was established in 1997 and János Vass, has been working in the local wool industry for over 30 years. He sees his knowledge and expertise lending itself to further improve his business with a building of a wool scouring facility and is currently seeking investment for this project. ‘Hungary is ripe for such investment. We have the space, we have the expertise, we have the workforce and we have the wool!’, he says.

‘A return to wool processing in Europe has been catching on as costs in China increase making processing in Europe a more attractive cost effective option, particularly for companies in Europe. BREXIT and uncertainty created by Trump will further advance the idea that keeping the processing chain staying within Europe offers greater certainty and stability’, he believes. ‘The Hungarian government support for the wool industry is strong and the European market is close’.

The characteristics of Hungarian merino wool can be verified by testing. ‘At Hungarowool we use WTAE testing certification’, says János Vass. ‘We export 100% Hungarian fleece. Over the years the quality of our Hungarian merino has been improved by the introduction of Australian merino. Our company guarantees its product and we provide testing certificates from Wool Testing Authority Europe (WTAE)’.


Past testing of Hungarian wool by New Zealand Wool Testing Authority (NZWTA) has shown the staple strength at 35 N/KT. This result demonstrated that there was no weak positioning along the fibre and that it could be used by spinners at a maximum speed with maximum breakage / downtime.

‘We can offer wools ranging from 23-24.5 micron. Although our merino wool has a lower yield than other merino type wools, due to the farming circumstances the lanolin content is higher, as is its higher tensile strength which is an advantage during processing’, he comments.

‘Transport costs from Europe to China and India are very high for us. The container ships leave from KOPER, Slovenia rather than Hamburg in Germany. And we have experienced a decrease in demand from the Chinese textile industry in comparison with the previous 12 months. Prices fell in certain categories. Also state subsidies on certain wool types were stopped while state funding for wool-tops and scoured wool has been made available.

‘We also believe we have a part to play in the Campaign for Wool. We have been encouraged by its work and by the role His Royal Highness, Charles the Prince of Wales has played in promoting this fine fibre. We are working to produce finer wool and better develop the Hungarian wool industrial development.’


For more information about Hungarian Merino Wool please contact János Vass at

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