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Huntsman Sues Chinese company for Patent Infringement Damages

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The Textile Effects division of Huntsman Corporation (Singapore) announced it has sued Zhejiang Longsheng Group Co., Ltd. (“Longsheng”) and its subsidiaries Zhejiang Keyong Chemical Co., Ltd. (“Keyong”) and Shanghai Colva Dyestuff Co., Ltd. (“Colva”) for infringing its Chinese Patent No. ZL00106403.7 by making and selling certain black dyes.  Huntsman is seeking substantial damages of RMB 231 million and an injunction against further infringement.

Huntsman’s lawsuit follows the decision of the Shanghai High Court affirming the judgment of the Shanghai First Intermediate People’s Court rendered in May 2013, which found that Colva had infringed Huntsman’s Chinese Patent No. ZL00106403.7 by manufacturing and selling Colvazol Super Black LC-G and Colvazol Super Black LC-R.  Colva was ordered by the court to immediately stop manufacturing and selling the infringing products and to pay statutory damages to Huntsman.

Longsheng controls both Keyong and Colva, and all three companies manufacture and sell textile dyes in China.  Longsheng also has majority ownership of the Dystar Group.

Paul Hulme, President of Huntsman Textile Effects said: “Huntsman is fully committed to protecting its intellectual property rights, and will vigorously pursue those who are making and selling infringing products and to obtain full compensation for our damages”.

Huntsman’s patented technology is a true innovation for producing deep black shades.  It is used in Huntsman’s NOVACRON® Super Black G and NOVACRON® Super Black R. The making, use, importation or sale of products, which use Huntsman’s patented technology without authorization, is an infringing act. Huntsman would be pleased to support its customers and textile value chain partners with any questions that they may have relating to this issue.

Source: Huntsman Corporation

亨斯迈公司起诉浙江龙盛集团索赔2.31 亿元人民币的专利侵权损失


新加坡-– 亨斯迈公司(纽约证交所:HUN)纺织染化部宣布,其已对浙江龙盛集团股份有限公司(下称“龙盛公司”)及龙盛公司的子公司—浙江科永化工有限公司(下称“科永公司”)和上海科华染料工业有限公司(以下简称“科华公司”)提起诉讼,这几家公司生产和销售某黑色染料的行为涉嫌侵犯了亨斯迈公司第ZL00106403.7号中国专利的专利权。亨斯迈公司提出了2.31 亿元人民币的损害赔偿请求,并要求颁发停止后续侵权的禁止令。


亨斯迈公司的本次诉讼是在上海市高级人民法院维持了上海市第一中级法院判定科华公司构成专利侵权的判决后提起的。2013年5月,上海市第一中级人民法院判决科华公司生产和销售“科华素超级黑LC-G”(Colvazol Super Black LC-G) 和“科华素超级黑LC-R”(Colvazol Super Black LC-R)的行为侵犯了亨斯迈公司第ZL00106403.7号中国专利的专利权,法院判令科华公司立即停止生产和销售侵权产品并向亨斯迈公司支付法定赔偿金。

科永公司和科华公司隶属于龙盛公司,这三家公司均在中国地区生产和销售纺织染料。龙盛公司还持有德司达集团(Dystar Group)的多数股权。亨斯迈纺织染化部总裁胡铭 (Paul Hulme) 表示:“亨斯迈致力于维护其知识产权,将全力追究生产和销售侵权产品的侵权行为人的责任,并对公司遭受的损害主张全部赔偿。”

亨斯迈的专利技术是生产深黑色染料的一项真正的技术创新,这项技术已应用在亨斯迈的染料产品“诺威克隆®超级黑G”(NOVACRON® Super Black G) 和 “诺威克隆®超级黑R(”NOVACRON® Super Black R)上。未经授权而生产、使用、进口或销售应用亨斯迈专利化学技术之产品的行为均构成侵权。亨斯迈愿意就前述事件的任何问题为客户及纺织产业的合作伙伴提供解答。

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