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New Zealand Wool Market Report (31 August 2017)

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11,647 bales were offered for sale in Christchurch. The offering was made up of approx. – 41% Xbd Fleece, 12% Xbd 2nd Shear and early shorn, 3% 1st lambs, 20% Halfbred fleece, balance  2nd Shear Odds, XBD bulky oddments and misc.

The market compared to the last South Island sale 17-August-2017: XBD Fleece BB and BB / B style 4-5% dearer, B style 6-7% dearer, B/C style 11-12% dearer. XBD 2nd shear and early shorn BB and BB/B Style 3/4 inch and 3/5 inch 5% dearer, BB BB/B style 2/3 and 2/4  inch 7.5% dearer.

Prices across all micron categories moved in a positive direction on the back of an outstanding offering of quality wool at this South Island sale. Good competition from exporters for pre lamb crossbred fleece and Mid Micron and Merino wool brought some confidence back into the market.

Passings were at their lowest level for many months.

The NZ dollar today compared to the last  South Island sale 17-August- 2017, USD 0.7200 down 1.6%, Euro 0.6055 down 2.6%, Sterling 0.5570 down 1.9%, AUS 0.9110 down 1.2%

1st Lambs very nominally par to 3% dearer. Halfbred fleece 27 mic and finer par to 2% cheaper, 28-30 micron par to 3% dearer. XBD bulky oddments 10% dearer. XBD 2nd shear Oddments 10-15% dearer. Passings 10%.

Next week we have a wool sale on Thursday 7-September 2017 at  Napier  with approximately 8,526  bales.

Napier Sale

7,226 bales were offered for sale. The offering was made up of – 17% Xbd Fleece, 36% Xbd 2nd Shear and Early Shorn, 8% Xbd Hog Fleece and early shorn, 6% 1st Lambs, 15% 2nd Shear Hgt, balance 2nd shear oddments, bulky oddments and misc.

The market compared to the last North Island sale on the 10-Aug-17: XBD Fleece All Styles  8-9% dearer, Except B/C style 7% dearer. Xbd 2nd Shear and Early Shorn generally 4 to 7% dearer, except BB BB/B 2/3 inch 2% dearer. XBD Hgt Fleece and Early Shorn  8 to 10% dearer. 1st Lambs nominally 4% dearer. XBD 2nd shear Hogget Par -3% dearer. 2nd shear oddments Good/Average 8% dearer, Average/poor and poor 18 to 20% dearer. Passings  CPW 7% Overall 7%.

The NZ dollar today compared to the last  North Island sale  10-Aug- 2017, USD 0.7225 down 1.4%, Euro 0.6120 down 1.8%, Sterling 0.5645 up 0.2%, AUS 0.9145 down 1.7%

The upward momentum of prices for all categories continued at the North Island sale. It has been 5 months since we have seen passings as low as these levels at 7%.

Maim buyers: Masurel 2100 bales, NZWSI 1500, G Modiano 1450, J S Brooksbank 1300, Fuhrmann 1000, WG Robinson 785, Curtis 550, Bloch & Behrens 550, J Marshalls 350 and  Charguers 200 bales.

Source: Interest.Co.NZ


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