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nsc fibre to yarn to showcase new GS machinery at ITMA 2015

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nsc fibre to yarn will feature its latest innovations at ITMA exhibition in Milan this November. Its new GS will take centre stage along with the GN8 intersecting machine and its new worsted carding machine.


NSC is a leading manufacturer of textile machinery from fibre to yarn including combing, worsted cards and stretch breaking machinery. More than 25,000 machines are currently in operation around the world.


‘Today our customers demand technology that will achieve trouble free production, better quality outcome, and energy savings’, says Patrick Strehle Commercial Sales Director at nsc fibre to yarn.

‘Our new machines achieve this and more. They enable fibre processors to stay competitive and the opportunity to exhibit at ITMA is an excellent way for companies to view our latest fibre processing capabilities’.


‘Our GN8 intersecting machine has been designed to process any wool or wool-like fibre’, says Eric Fessler Asia Sales Manager at nsc fibre to yarn. ‘It is particularly adapted to process delicate, fine and short fibres such as cashmere, silk, and any kind of fibres with low cohesion’.

The GN8 offers a revolutionary intersecting design based on the latest technology in chain gill drives combined with the universal drafting head in the GN series. The GN8 head sits in a double pinned field with fallers driven by double threaded screws giving a mechanical speed up to 2,000 drops per minute. It can be equipped with an electronic auto leveller RE type. Lines with GN8 intersecting are particularly adapted to units with small lots.


‘We expect this new technology to be in high demand as it is so versatile. It can be used in defelting, blending, combing, recombing spinning preparation, semi worsted process for wool, cashmere, any long staple chemical fibres as well as flax tow,’ comments Mr Fessler.


The new worsted card will also be exhibited by nsc at ITMA. This card has been developed to provide a solution for all fibres’, says Patrick Strehle. It is dedicated to process fibre in the range from 18 – 25 microns.

‘There has not been a new worsted carding machine developed for many years. So we are very pleased to announce that this new unit will be launched and exhibited at ITMA in Milan.’

‘This new machine achieves a high degree of productivity and efficiency and provides easy maintenance and access. It is very compact and simple to use, robust and reliable. It also has a very easy maintenance program.’

‘The frame for the new card is a totally new concept. We have developed very sturdy frameworks. The reinforced structure of the roller has a large working width. The machine works quietly and is equipped with double safety controls on the feeding drives’.

The new card also offers a high capacity volumetric feeder hopper with oscillating stripper, feeding rollers with variable speed drives, and removable undergrids. The drive control provides for a speed adjustable from desk control.

‘We provide troubleshooting help via touch screen machinery. Eric Fessler says that maintaining fibre lengths and fibre strength is part of the quality control provided by nsc fibre to yarn machinery. Easy and fast installation services are provided to all customers as NSC 1 technicians provide onsite installation. The company provides special tools for easy maintenance operations.

Mr Strehle comments that ‘the latest innovation introduced into the textile machinery industry allows manufacturers to stay one step ahead of their competition. The new machines provide excellent quality output, and the cost savings offered in energy consumption provide an attractive option to wool processors.’


nsc fibre to yarn machinery exhibits will be located at Chapter 1 exhibition hall in the green sector. ‘We welcome visitors to view our machinery and chat with us about their manufacturing needs’, says Patrick Strehle.


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