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UK Wool Week 2015 launched with ‘Sheep on The Row’

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UK Wool Week took place on 5 to 11th October with more than 100 retailers including Hackett London, Smalls, Selfridges, Wool and The Gang, Topshop, Genevieve Sweeney, Capsu-Wool and Finisterre uniting to highlight the innovative ways in which wool is used from fashion to interiors and craft. Over the course of seven wool-filled days, the public had the opportunity to participate in an exciting line-up of activities taking place across the country, including Wool Night Out on 8th October and Woolly Hat Day on 9th October.

London marked the beginning of UK Wool Week 2015 by partnering with some of the world’s most prestigious tailors, menswear brands and cloth producers. Visitors to Savile Row were amazed to turn the corner and be faced with two sheep breeds grazing the length of Savile Row alongside models to promote wool as the cloth of choice for menswear.

The scene included more than 200 metres of the finest cloth, 80 metres of grass pasture, 60 sheep, 25 models in bespoke menswear outfits, 25 tailoring houses from Savile Row, 28 weavers and merchants, two specially constructed wool sheds and a sheepdog.

Visitors were welcomed to the open tailoring houses to learn how wool fabric from the leading producers in the UK, Europe and Japan is used by the British tailoring industry.

Connecting the world’s leading fashion designers and fashion houses with Australian Merino wool is extremely important due to the enormous influence these designers have in setting global textile trends for mainstream retail brands.

The iconic street was transformed into a green pasture, covered in turf and closed to traffic while Bowmont Merino and Exmoor Horn sheep grazed along The Row. With barns at either end of The Row, the focus was on the landscapes of the main wool growing countries, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa and the UK. Murdock London, the men’s groomers, partnered with The Campaign for Wool to create a ‘Shearing Shed’ offering a menu of sheep-inspired grooming treatments, as a street style photographer from British GQ snapped visitors on The Row in a ‘wool street style’ reportage of the best dressed men in London.

The ‘live’ model presentation brought together by leading wool mills, Savile Row, West End and London City bespoke tailors showcased more than 25 bespoke menswear outfits and demonstrated the versatility that is found in wool. Each tailoring house partnered with a wool fabric mill in creating contemporary bespoke menswear key pieces for AW15. The garments were accessorised by the gentlemen’s houses of Mayfair and St. James’s, and Globe-Trotter who supported the ‘Traveller’ theme with some key bespoke wool/leather travel pieces.

Members of the public around the world had the opportunity to see the intricate processes involved in transforming wool from the fleece through to fabric, immersing themselves in the values of The Campaign for Wool, and showcased the events of the day in the Murdock London Menswear grooming shearing shed and the GQ collaboration partnering with The Campaign for Wool to photograph some of the best dressed men in Savile Row.

Source: AWI


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